Lean + Strong 4-6 Week Program

I just finished this sweat-worthy Lean + Strong program, which I created towards the beginning of January to promote fat burn and build strength at the same time, and let me just say, it’s harder than it looks! It’s one that I will definitely be coming back to though  because it really was a fun program! And one of the most important things to successfully reaching your fitness goals is to have fun with it. If we’re not having fun, we put in less effort, burn out quickly, and often just give up completely.

Ok, enough of that and on to the program.

Lean + Strong I

This program is full of compound, heart-rate boosting exercises to burn more calories in less time. It is an intermediate to advance program. If you’re a beginner, stay posted. I’ll be posting some beginner programs very soon!


  • Always warm up completely. I like to do an easy 10-15 minute jog before each workout. You can also do dynamic stretching if you’re familiar with that.
  • Always use proper biomechanics and form. This is necessary to both get the most out of each exercise AND minimize your risk of injury.
  • Choose the right weight! This is important to getting results and to using proper biomechanics and form. If you’re unsure about what weight is right for you, read my last blog post.
  • Each weightlifting day has 3 circuits. Perform all sets of each circuit before moving on to the next circuit. Take at least a 1-2 minute break between circuits.
  • Try to minimize rest between exercises to 10-20 seconds and between sets of each circuit to 30-45 seconds. BUT if you need more rest, take it.
  • Challenge yourself, but listen to your body. Do what feels right. Don’t over do it. These programs are meant to set goals. If you can’t complete everything on the first day, don’t beat yourself up. Just keep at it. You’ll get there!
  • Modify or increase intensity as needed.
  • Always cool down and stretch. I like to walk for 10-15 minutes to cool down before stretching. I then stretch for about 20-30 minutes. You don’t necessarily need to stretch for as long as I do, but don’t skip it. Stretching helps your muscles recover and keeps them flexible, which is important for performance.









Be sure you understand how to perform each exercise before starting this program. All of these exercises can easily be found on the Internet. If you are not sure how to do an exercise, please feel free to contact us or request instruction in the comments!

If you like this program, please like and/or share it! Don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments!


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