Welcome to Altemus Fitness! If you’re ready to reach your optimum potential, you’ve come to the right place! I am a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and yoga teacher with over 10 years of exercise and experience, nearly 5 of which have been as a certified personal trainer. As a licensed attorney, I understand the demands of a busy lifestyle as well as the life-changing importance of making health and fitness an absolute priority. Over the years, I have helped busy clients lose weight, gain muscle, improve overall health and fitness, and even train for a half marathon.

I have also recently made the leap to share my in depth knowledge about yoga and yoga posture in the form of private yoga instruction and group yoga classes. I teach Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga, providing helpful cues and a relaxing, yet uplifting, ambience. I love sharing my yoga practice with my students and challenging them to push their bodies to a whole new level. During private instruction, I dive deep into proper form, posture, and transitions to get the most out of yoga classes and protect the back, neck, and shoulders while in challenging poses.

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Please also check out my blog for a variety of evidence-based posts to help guide you on your fitness journey! I regularly post new workout ideas, fitness tips, and research-based opinions on nutrition and health trends.

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