The Secret to a Healthy Weight: There is No Secret

*This is an article I posted a few years ago on another blog, but, looking back, feel it is still just as relevant so I’m re-posting it here. Enjoy!*

When people ask, “What’s the secret to losing (or gaining or maintaining) weight?” I say:

There is no secret, just 3 simple steps.

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Rhabdo: What you NEED to know and how to prevent it

Rhabdo may sound like a cool name, but it’s actually a really, really not cool medical condition brought on by excessive physical demands. You may have seen a few articles pop up here and there in newspapers like the New York Times labeling it as a harmful side effect of high intensity exercise. I’ve also seen countless social media posts giving high intensity exercise a lot of flack for causing rhabdo. So I’ve decided to clear up a few things about both rhabdo and high intensity exercise.

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Top fitness trends in 2017

The American College of Sports Medicine recently released it’s annual report on the top 20 fitness trends for 2017. Below, I’ve noted my favorite 10. (If you’re curious about the rest, you can read the full list for free here).

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Research update: More muscle may mean better memory in children

The idea that children should stay away from muscle building activities (like high intensity exercise or weight lifting) is changing quickly. It’s been shown that children who engage in muscle strengthening exercise tend to have more bone density, i.e., stronger bones (just like adults). As an added bonus, new research suggests that children with greater muscle fitness have enhanced memory performance.

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Train for Strength, 4-6 Week Program

In fitness, muscular strength is defined as the muscle’s ability to produce maximal contractile force against a resistance in a single contraction. You might have also heard this concept summarized as a person’s “one-repetition maximum” (1RM). Probably the most well-known muscular strength competition is powerlifting. But building muscular strength can benefit just about anyone wanting to increase strength, enhance power, and get results by adding variation to their workout programs. It can also be a great segue into high-intensity power exercises like plyometrics.

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What you can do TODAY to get results

Have you been eating (mostly) healthfully, exercising almost everyday, and feeling like you are truly working hard, but still not seeing the results you want? If so, don’t get discouraged! We’ve all been there, and usually it’s because we’ve succumbed to certain pitfalls that are preventing us from getting to where we want to be. Below are some action steps that will help you overcome some of the most common pitfalls and start getting the results you deserve!

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Put it all together

Results happen because of two factors. 1) Consistency, and 2) Progressive overload, which includes not just increasing weight or reps, but also varying your routine to keep your muscles on their toes. In this article, I’m going to show you a few different ways to combine programs on this site so that you can continue to be consistent in your workouts while adding in some variation.

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