Best Non-Traditional Core Exercises for a Strong, Stable Core and Flat Belly

Our core may well be the most important part of our bodies and the most influential facilitator of movement. The core is much more than just your washboard ab muscles and is made up of every muscle in your torso. This includes not just the superficial muscles, but the deep internal muscles supporting the torso and the spine. The core muscles are (or should be) involved in virtually every movement of the human body, providing support and stability as we perform complex activities including exercise and activities of daily living.

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Intermediate 3-Day Split, 4-6 Weeks

This program is for intermediate+ fitness levels. It is recommended that you complete the Back to the Basics 12-Week program before beginning this one. The program consists of 6 days of exercise, 3 of which include strength training.

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Lean + Strong 4-6 Week Program

I just finished this sweat-worthy Lean + Strong program, which I created towards the beginning of January to promote fat burn and build strength at the same time, and let me just say, it’s harder than it looks! It’s one that I will definitely be coming back to though  because it really was a fun program! And one of the most important things to successfully reaching your fitness goals is to have fun with it. If we’re not having fun, we put in less effort, burn out quickly, and often just give up completely.

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How to Plank

Some of us love them, some of us hate them, but there’s no denying that plank is one of the most effective exercises you can do. Plank is a full body exercise that strengthens the core, back, glutes, legs, shoulders, and arms. This isometric exercise will also improve posture, balance, and flexibility, and can help relieve back pain all while toning just about every muscle in your body.

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Post-Holiday Fat Blaster 4-8 Week Program

If you’re like me, you ate a little too much and skipped out on a workout or two (or three, or four…) over the Holidays. Maybe you put on a few pounds, lost that 6-pack you were sooo close to getting, or just feel a little more jelly-like. Not to worry! It happens to the best of us and luckily, with a little hard work, we can all get back to our pre-Holiday bods or better!  Continue reading “Post-Holiday Fat Blaster 4-8 Week Program”